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(Our) Philosophy

Luxury is so much more than just indulging in expensive things. It is an elevated way of thinking, being and living.

The philosophy of luxury is attainable to all, regardless of your socioeconomic status, because more than anything else it is a sensitivity to and admiration of human creativity and craftsmanship.

Our Story

Modern decor

Individually, we are particular in the items we choose. After what was a one-time unsatisfactory purchase, became the default every-shopping trip experience of substandard products and service, we thought there needed to be a shop that met the intrinsic customer experience that is nestled in positive purchasing. Settling on a 

 product because there were no other options available was incredibly dissatisfying. What was worse? Making purchases and sensing that you could have gotten something more outstanding.

In creating Category No.1 Ltd Co. it was imperative that our customers 

knew that the best part about getting something from this store was that, it was going to be great, they didn't have to settle for less than what they wanted—they got exactly what they needed. We understand how important it is to feel good about the choice you make. And we are committed to making sure that happens every time. Our customers will feel confident that they have purchased an item that is remarkable and outstanding, knowing that the product bought was not a rarity amongst a mediocre store variety. Rather, our customers have full assurance that Category No.1 Ltd Co. offers a continuous variety of fantastic merchandise. 

You’ve been looking for the best, and you’ve found it.

You can be confident that you will select an item that is noteworthy and remarkable.


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